Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am so tired of it all! beware: bitch post

It seems like there are so many things in my life that repeat themselves. Usually its the shitty ones. For instance, how hard is it to keep up with kitty litter, we have 2 boxes. So , i dont do it for a day- im not the only one that lives here, someone else should pick up the slack. But nooooo, so instead of that, the cats piss in the bathroom,  the kids room and the kids BED. So i have to clean a bed, wash all the linen in hot water, and the kids have no wear to sleep for a night, well they do, they both sleep on the top bunk is all, But thats not the point. The point is, THE KITTY LITTER NEEDS TO BE DONE EVERYDAY!!!
Second bitch, why am i the only one that knows that the boys need certain things, like their medicine before bed, lunch money, homework done for the night! Why am i the only one to enforce this shit. You see, all this goes on when i take ONE day off. ONE day as mommy off- I mean im still here im just not in some degree. Apparently i cant have a day of nothing. Now if i was the only one living here with the boys, i wouldnt expect a day of rest, i mean i work every weekend 2 12hr shifts, and im full time mommy every other day. You'd think if someone didnt work, they'd be on top of everything, not just SOME things. EVERYTHING.  So like i said, this was the last time i get a day of rest, its not worth it- to have to make up for 100 things . Its more trouble than its worth, It seriously is and thats sad.
I seriously feel like i got the short end of the stick on alot of things in my life, and none of it is my fault. I continue to bust my ass to support the whole family- ALONE.  And today i wanna say ITS NOT FAIR!!!!. There i said it, now if someone would just appreciate it.
For once i wish things would just go my way, someone would take care of me, appreciate me. Instead , everyone shits on me. And you wonder why i want a stupid day of rest every 2 months or so. Sorry for the rant, not like anyone is reading this anyhow lol.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Those Damn Cats of mine

I must have the most craziest cats out there. I have 4 cats, yes 4 and they all get along pretty well, give or take some feline jealousy now and then.  Well last night i had the living room window open- now my window is ground level. So this black stray cat that hangs out in the neighborhood ( he's so cute) decides to saunter up to our patio. My male black cat noticed him and started acting like a nut, then the other 3 ran to the window to see what the ruckus was about. Nosy cats!!
So then all of a sudden, it was like a bomb went off and all my cats started going after each other. There was fur flying and hisses and growls lol.All their tails were with the hair sticking straight out. At one point 3 of them got themselves in the bathroom and were doing the stare down. It was funny- for about 5 minutes!!
So it is almost 24 hrs later, and they are still going at it.  They are growling, stalking, attacking, and acting like fools. I cant figure out why tho. All this because of a lonely little visitor last night. Poor guy, he's probably cracking up right now! I've separated them at this point, because im not about to start cleaning up after them- AGAIN. 
Next time, Im letting that little guy inside, then we'll see who is boss!! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boys and the internet

I never thought i'd get to this point but I'm starting to get really nervous about my boys and their internet use. Its not the boys that I dont trust. I mean, they are 10 and 12- normal curious crazy boys lol. I know they have seen a few inappropriate things on the net but nothing life shattering- and they always tell me. The reason im worried is because I know ( being a computer junkie myself ) what is out there. Shall I say, who is out there, the weirdo's pretending to be girls, or pretending to be kids, in that respect I think my boys would be pretty naive. Now I have warned them of these people- but even I as an adult have had issues with this before.
Besides the parental controls, Im thinking of putting a keylogger on the boys computer. I know its spying and not really respecting their privacy but in this day and age, who cares!! I'd rather know my kids are safe, from pedophiles, from perverts, from any liar out there. I mean its my duty, as the only parent they have.
Its strange tho, I'm almost scared of what i may find, its like you want to see but you dont. In this case, Im going to do my job as mommy and go ahead and look. I love my boys and will do anything i can to prevent them from getting hurt. In this case, I dont want to let them live and learn, make mistakes and do better from them. Im not like your typical soccer mom lol, Im so net savvy that I know too much and its scary.