Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boys and the internet

I never thought i'd get to this point but I'm starting to get really nervous about my boys and their internet use. Its not the boys that I dont trust. I mean, they are 10 and 12- normal curious crazy boys lol. I know they have seen a few inappropriate things on the net but nothing life shattering- and they always tell me. The reason im worried is because I know ( being a computer junkie myself ) what is out there. Shall I say, who is out there, the weirdo's pretending to be girls, or pretending to be kids, in that respect I think my boys would be pretty naive. Now I have warned them of these people- but even I as an adult have had issues with this before.
Besides the parental controls, Im thinking of putting a keylogger on the boys computer. I know its spying and not really respecting their privacy but in this day and age, who cares!! I'd rather know my kids are safe, from pedophiles, from perverts, from any liar out there. I mean its my duty, as the only parent they have.
Its strange tho, I'm almost scared of what i may find, its like you want to see but you dont. In this case, Im going to do my job as mommy and go ahead and look. I love my boys and will do anything i can to prevent them from getting hurt. In this case, I dont want to let them live and learn, make mistakes and do better from them. Im not like your typical soccer mom lol, Im so net savvy that I know too much and its scary.