Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Budgeting may give me peace of mind!

Like i previously noted, money is a pain in the azz.  Im so sick and tired of not having it, having $150 in overdraft fees each month and being late with payments. Its so frustrating to have your hard earned money just gone poof. Very discouraging to say the least. So i have a plan. Dont i always lol. I barely write any checks, its all online banking and i have things that the money is just taken out every month, like my at&t bill for example. So since i dont write checks, i dont keep a checkbook. I always used to, like 15 yrs ago lol. But if i think back, i never had these problems before. So, im going to keep a ledger. I think its going to be hard, since like i said alot of things just come out of my account , ill have to really keep an eye on that. Also, i use my debit card for EVERYTHING i do. So, yeah i can keep receipts but i always throw them out. I may have like 10 in one day and 1 the next. Im scared ill miss a few but i guess if i reconcile it with my banking online i should be ok. 
I think this will make me accountable for all the money i spend, so i can say, hey ive spent alot of money at x store . I have to do this, it may well just give me the peace of mind i need, in at least one respect!  The rest of my life, hey i cant ask for it all. Wish me luck. Ill let you know how it goes. Now i just have to figure out what kind of notebook etc would be the best for this adventure of mine. Hmm.