Friday, April 12, 2013

where do these feelings come from?

Not quite sure where these moods come from, where do they originate, what makes them switch so suddenly, when im not even prepared. It really sucks. I just hate it when it goes from sad and blah to irritable and quick tempered , where is the happy part? Thats the mood that seems to fly by without me even knowing or recognizing it. I went shopping last night, that is one of my "high" feelings, impulsive yes, thrilling yes, but also short lived. 
Luckily im on call tomorrow, although sometimes a change of environment is what i need, i can even see how i self sabotage myself bc i know that for things to be chill and even keel i need to sleep right , eat right, and take care of myself- im eating right , just lately but sleep- not a chance. It just seems im the easiet one to ignore , i know i have to take care of me first so im trying to get the environment of my body just right.