Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not as innocent as they seem.

Looking back at 2013 its hard to believe i really only blogged less than 100 times. Alot happened but i guess i just wanted to keep it to myself.  There is a question i have that has really been bugging me, even more so this past year. Why is it that the people you give to the most, end up stealing from you.  I would think that if someone is giving you cart blanch e to their stuff, whether it be money, belongings etc., that you would just stay friends, or close to that person knowing you would reap the rewards of just being a good friend etc. Maybe its because the person knows that you give so freely and figures, it must not be that important to you, so why not take as you feel the need. That is an asinine idea, but hey, thieves aren't always the smartest.  Really if and when you find out that the person is stealing from you, which by the way, you always find out, the supply comes to a quick end.. There are multiple people ive come across that i guess ive given too much to, so much that its not appreciated. I guess i don't mind sharing because we are all in places when we need, when we don't have a  lot, and like i said, i don't mind sharing but i do mind getting taken advantage of, which happens more so than not. I always figured karma would do its job but so far, im just more in the hole with my goods. Im learning that this world sucks. People aren't as they portray. The mask always comes off, whether it be one week or one year. Its not making me give less, its just making me look at people and maybe don't give them the benefit of the doubt but make them work for it. Its not innocent until proven guilty anymore. its a shame!