Saturday, February 8, 2014

Still gonna be me!!

Here i am again, still pondering my decisions, replaying shit in my head, to say, "OHHH that's what that was all about!"  Enough said, i just decided that im not going to let the liars etc people in this world change me. Im not going to turn into the bitch i should become. I will continue to help those in need, i just have to weed the bad ones out, make it more of a process than just jumping in without my life jacket on.  Im just going to continue to be me, that's who i want to be, that's who im comfortable teaching my children who i am. Continuing to be the role model that i have become . Just knowing that my children and my CLOSE friends know can look up to me and think, wow, we all have tough shitty lives and bad things happen to both good and bad people, But, we don't have to become one of them. We can keep on going and achieve great things. I've got to get back to life again, continue my classes for my masters, teach my kids at home and in this shitty life, realize that making people feel good makes me feel good, maybe that's why i am a nurse. A caregiver, not everyone is appreciative but just that one that is can make your day. So sappy i know.