Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Busy times, happy times.

Damn, i havent posted in a long time, i guess i didnt like shady people reading my blog and then trying to use it against me, so i cant decide to make it private or not. I mean its just my thoughts so really no one should have shit to say about it, if they do, they can say it to my face is all. lol, didnt think so!! All this shit going on, makes me wonder how i keep my sanity, if its not one thing its another. mostly its just the fact that i dont know why i cant just live my life in peace and quiet. I dont know why everyone , who doesnt know me, feel like they should be judging me or why they would think they know anymore than me. Walk a mile or even half a mile lol in my shoes and then go on and comment. I think some people may forget their younger years. I really am not one to judge either. I take people for what i see etc. If i dont know them i dont make assumptions, i dont generally call people dirtbags lol that ive never met before hahah. I could call people lots of names lmao, but i dont. Oh well, maybe i should. Anyway, im trying to stay sane in this crazy world put in front of me, the boys are doing great,, im always happy for that. Their uncle is so great to them. its such a help.  Mike would be so proud of how he stepped up, he is really so non judgemental and just a help, mentally and physically to them.  I feel so bad for kids that only have one parent. i mean mine would die to have their father back, and some kids dont even have loving parents to take care of them in all ways possible. Deadbeat moms and Dads, its so rough. Ah so is life. Im still going strong in school, on my way to my masters, love it.  We are really doing great despite the chaos surrounding us, makes us feel good to help. We always appreciate all the help we ever had, so giving back is no problem, we are just like that, good people with big hearts, and im glad ive taught my children that quality. They see others not acting that way and question it, i just tell them, some people are just narcissistic
, only involved in their own happiness and in crushing others glory. Really just people with no self confidence who dont know how to give. Losers all the way around. Oh well, back to school work, chat later!@!
Luv T.