Sunday, September 28, 2014

Playing around on the web!!

Wow, has anyone seen, or used the IFTTT iphone app, it is so awesome ( i know im old, im using the word awesome lol). Anyway, it is a great app. You use "recipes" by using apps together. Its hard to describe, but if you go look up the app, free BTW, you wont be sorry, Ive been playing with it all night and im sure ive only hit the tip of the iceberg.  Of course by playing lol, ive avoiding my duties as "housewife" lol. Real housewives of West Chester over here. Boy ive got enough drama to fill a few episodes. Not necessarily in my town or neighborhood but definitely in my life, so its all good. 
That would be so interesting really, to get to make my own RH series. Im sure alot of women could relate to it, it would make me feel better knowing they could!! If you think about it, really i would despise cameras following me around, esp when im doing dumb shit, which is often. Like talking to myself, and answering myself is even better. Im using my new laptop i got. Its an ACER. Really not a bad one, ive never used an acer before. I prefer HP anyday but this one was on sale bigtime, and i only need it for my stuff. Not big projects , i have the home computer all in one HP for that stuff. This one is just for me. So im trying it out last few days, and like i said, not too bad. Well back to IFTTT, stands for If that then this. lol. Check it out. oh and say a prayer for a former co worker of mine. I dont know the circumstances but she just lost her 23 year old son the other day and the funeral was this morning. I cant imagine the loss of a child, so my heart is with her. Thanks