Monday, August 29, 2016

Dropping back in.

well not much has gotten better on this end, christ i havent blogged in forever yet i think i could just take off the same place i left it. Life pretty much sucks right now. I mean some things are getting better but at the same time, some things are getting worse, why cant my worlds collide and make it just a nice peacful happy place to live is beyond me. It just seems there are more things to worry about anymore and im running out of solutions.  Im not about to tell all but ALOT of shitty things have happened to me over the past year yet i keep on kicking. trying to claw my way out . Slowly but surely im trying, cant say i dont have a set back every other day but im still trying.   I cant give up, i owe too many people good things. like my kids, i owe them great things, and great things will come .  
Lately ive had sooo much to do and im just getting really overwhelmed when i even think about it,maybe its cause i put alot off and now its time to catch up. My own fault. So im trying to catch up while keeping ahead of the game. seems like alot always happens at once, then its a dull void.  my brain is tired , fried, confused. Its probably the ADHD, not letting me finish shit, moving on before im finished the last project, cause i get an idea and i move on it. leaving all the other shit in the dust. gotta work on that. 

I cant believe the boys are so old now, god where does the time go, its scary, thats why i gotta do good things, they wont be my little boys forever. well they arent little now but you know.

So this was just a drop back in blog, i gotta work on my to do list as we speak, ill write better tommorow. 

Luv T./