Friday, September 2, 2016

Alone but on the inside,

I hate the strange feeling that has come over me, it often does for no reason at all. Its just a sense of melancholy , sadness, loneliness. Its like i could be with many people but i'm still alone. Its not a good feeling at all. Once it sets in its very hard to shake too.  \i mean good things have been happening but i'm almost waiting for the bottom to drop or the black cloud to return,  I'M trying so hard to be everything to everyone. b/c everyone needs something different from me. It gets tiring.  and then, who is there to give to me, I mean who can actually understand and make me feel at ease when i feel like this, hmm. I wish.  Also confusing, i don't want to sleep but i don't want to be awake, i'm so confused. 
I just thought id drop in and say hi, vent a little and maybe break up the monotony going on over here. I just want to feel better inside is all.
Luv T.