Sunday, September 11, 2016

You cant make someone change

I'M getting really tired of all this bullshit , it's just so much anymore, i don't understand why the sun just won't shine over me. \Sure i've made some shitty decisions but i think i've made up for most of it. \i've tried at least.  
I would love to understand how people think its ok to give ultimatums when it comes to friends just because they feel threatened by them.. That's all it is, because if they were secure, and trusted their partner they would let them have all the friends in the world, guy girl, blue black purple. who cares. But no,ht  when they want you all to themselves  you know its a problem. its scary. where  is my choice , why isn't it up to me whom i befriend. 
You know, you go through life and meet a bunch of people, a lot come and go, rarely do any stay. You may find one , maybe one, that is honest, trustworthy and just an overall good person, and you are supposed to let them slip away because someone else is jealous or does not share your thoughts, yeah. I'm so over this , in the midst of all this inner turmoil i now have to deal with this. Why is it always something, why is it so hard, it's  not supposed to be hard. and your loved ones should see this and not pressure you and in the end try and make you make a decision on their terms, one they may regret. But let them go ahead and try and make your life miserable, only thing is, i've learned no can make me miserable but myself and those i let do it to me. And i'm not.
Enough for now\
Luv T.