Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cyber buddies- loyal to the end.

Ive found that people who you dont even really know , like the ones you may meet online- in a sup.port group, or on a forum where you are both looking for the same answers, sharing the same grief, etc, can be some of the best friends you will meet.  They rarely judge you and pretty much are always there for you, even to just listen for a few minutes while you vent. It may sound silly to people , most of whom have never experienced this type of friendship before.
Ive met so many different kinds of people like this and usually end up being pretty good friends. Because in the world today, people pretty much have their own agenda. Whatever is important or going on in their life at that time occupies them and they have no room for anyone else, let alone their little whines here and there. Shut themselves off to the ones that care about them the most. Not even thinking that when the worst may be over, will they still be there ?  Now the people you meet online, well you went looking for each other, b/c instead of shutting out the world , you wanted to share your grief, share your quest for answers, and just be some company .
We are all soooo busy in life, but how busy can we be that we cant pick up the phone, say hi, send a text - nothing extravagant, just simple. Its nice to know that there are people out there, they dont care what you look like, what your house looks like, what car you drive, etc. They friend you on a level that many of us cant comprehend. Though they may be cyberfriends., living halfway round the world in another time zone,  Ive found they are more loyal than the ones that live down the street.