Thursday, January 19, 2012

Im gonna be changing it up a bit!

what losers are there out there, that all they have to do is sit in their MOMMAs basement- or should i say, kitchin table (haha) and judge me. If you dont like me or what i write, dont read it. Dont you have a job to be at! Im over here, voicing my opinions so that people may enjoy reading my blog. And plenty do. So if you want to sit there and call us :losers: , if that makes you feel better, whatever.
You know its losers like this that make me feel like, why do i even do this. In fact, i think ill be changing up this blog, like some friends of mine had to. Private invite only, so losers like you dont come and talk big shit behind your screen. i love my ip addy lookup too!! hahah
xoxo T.