Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Its raining, its pouring,..

I feel like shit. sorry but i do, im so tired , mentally and still not over this stupid cold/bronchitis whatever it is.  Mentally exhausted b/c no longer can i live paycheck to paycheck. For some reason i cant even accomplish that. Every month im coming up negative - i get paid twice a month so its happening twice a month. Service fees, overdraft fees, and no money to spend. I dont know what is going on. This has never been my life. Never ever. Im so ashamed, Its like im going days without being able to spend money and it sucks. We all need money for dumb stuff like gas, lunches, etc anything. 
I swear i feel like throwing in the towel. But once again, it comes down to the fact that im a single mom, taking care of a family, on my salary, 2 boys, a boyfriend, 4 cats lol.  Im not changing my lifestyle for other peoples issues. Ill be damned. If i cant buy my boys clothes at Target for gods sake, something is really wrong in the world. OHH and did i tell you its been pouring out, lol. My first car the o6 which i owe only 4000 on till i own it, now cant get inspected bc it needs 1000 worth of work! I cant even afford to get it out of the shop to bring it home. Like i said, it hasnt stopped raining here , the cloud is just lingering over my house when its sunny everywhere else, maybe i should start writing poetry again! Usually good stuff comes from times of dispair lol. TTYL