Friday, October 5, 2012

Just a few opinions of mine, take em or leave em but read them!

You know besides the fact that im a nurse and know what doctors are all about, I can deal with that on a professional level. But as a patient, knowing what i do, doctors are ASSHOLES. They definitely treat you like a piece of shit, like you know nothing and you should just follow their orders and what they say is the gods truth! So i encourage everyone out there to definately research whatever problem you have and know the appropriate questions to ask before you go to the doctor. Educate yourself, for your own safety. Most doctors treat you like a number, not all, but they dont really care about you after you leave. Dont accept their answer as the only answer. Please!  
Anyway thats enough of that rant. I watched the presidential debate the other night, and i didnt know much of Mitt Romney except he was Republican , and im a Democrat. But without knowing him, his speech did make me think of him in a positive light, how he was rooting for the "middle class" etc etc. But then i found that he is pretty much an elitest. I was also really complexed how he won as govenor of Mass., a democratic state. I researched it, and it was all the promises he made and he even voted in democrats in his office! I guess hes smart. But then i looked at charts and Obama has considerably reduced unemployment rates. He has only had 4 yrs to clean up that Bush created in 8yrs. So now i feel like i know more of the truth. No offense if you are republican, its just my opinion.  I feel a little guilty b.c i didnt vote for the last election. but you can bet i will this time. I swear i used to be considered low high class according to my salary and now im high poverty to low middle class lol. Its really scary what can happen. 
Well enough for now, Ill be writing or try to write more often. I go through stages where i just cant write and i dont go on my laptop, majority of the time i do but im sorry if i dont. I encourage you all to follow me, it makes me feel good, like im not writing to myself, or even comment, i know you all must have some opinion on my writing! good or bad, but please dont be rude lol.
Hugs to all