Friday, October 12, 2012

What language is that ??

ive just determined, i know, its taken me this long! but i just figured out that me and my teenager son speak completely different languages. Apparently ive lost all my coolness, now that im a mom. Although in my mind im still 25 not 40! I thought i was still cool. I am. I know i am. He just doesnt realize it yet lol.
Anyway im so proud of myself, my funds are very very low right now, yet ive found multiple ways to get some cash, (dont worry its nothing illegal!). Im not telling my secrets but ill tell you , when you are in a bind and you have no where to turn, you quickly find resources you never knew you had. I guess it goes with the streetsmart mentality i have. I mean ive lived a bit since i was a teenager. I really should be dead (god forbid)(knock on wood) for all the situations ive put myself into , but i dont consider it just luck, im sure its an angel on my shoulder as well as the fact that i have a great gut instinct.  I follow it too. Im always two steps ahead of the game, and my mind is quick. I read people very good and i dont trust you until i have to. 
Anyway, enough bragging for now lol. gotta go clean .and prepare for a long weekend at work with barely no staff . not looking forward. 
HUGS xoxo