Sunday, February 17, 2013

ADHD truths

I am exhausted, long weekend at work, not bad though. Ive really been slacking on all the shit i have to do. So much paperwork , bills to go through. The usual. It never seems to get any easier. Im the best planner out there, but when it comes to execution and follow through its sad. I was reading an interesting article about how many women can escape the diagnosis of ADHD up until adulthood because they were able to fight it , overcome it, find ways around it, up until it was time to add managing a family, kids, finances for the family, ex- everything in life lol. Then it all falls apart. That is so the truth. I always wondered how i got A's and was sooo organized etc etc my whole life and now i miss paying the electric bill too many months in a row etc. Then i look back and remember all the color coded highlighting i did and all the index cards i created for studying and how i love stickers, and glitter and shiny things. I really did overcome it. Makes me pissed off bc i know my capabilities and yet, get stuck so often in this rut. 
Gotta keep on trying i guess. Night