Friday, May 24, 2013

Why is it so scary???

Im telling you, this ADHD crap is for the birds. Im so tired of it interfering in my life. Its like I have so much to do with paperwork, phone calls , mail , bills etc the usual. And for some reason, even tho i have all the info in front of me, I cant accomplish anything. I used to be  * when i was in college and nursing school say 15 yrs ago lol* very good at these tasks. id get them done and be so happy crossing it off one of my hundred to do lists. I have so many lists and charts downloaded and sitting in a folder here, id love to use them but i just look at them and get overwhelmed. Why am i so , i dont know the word im looking for, all i know is that this is important stuff, crucial to surviving, i mean if i dont pay my car payment, ill lose my car, cause and effect, its very simple, yet i make it the hardest thing to do. Well im going to go now, i really have to try, wish me luck please!!
xoxo T.