Sunday, July 28, 2013

no im not chewing gum!!

One thing that is really strange is that I used to have this "tic" as they are called, its like a movement that you cannot help doing know matter how hard you try, its annoying and distracting , etc get the hint. Well mine is like chewing the side of my mouth, looks like im chewing gum but im not. I end up hurting my mouth and tongue tho and its nonstop.  They say its the unwanted side effect of certain medications that you may have taken in the past/ Its best to stop the drug but that doesn't mean the side effect will go away. I was living with this for a long time and it creates SOOO much anxiety in me. Im taking a medication that somehow holds it down, makes the tic stop, most of the time. Now it stopped for a couple years and now it started again., seems to me the med has nothing to do with it, but i dont know what to do. Ive seen docs etc. no treatment for tics really!  So, i thought maybe stress, but im not more stressed now lmao.. or maybe its body stress, my face is breaking out alot. I dont know its just hard to live like this. constantly biting the inside of my mouth until im so sore i cant talk.  So there's my grouch for today. And pay attention to your medication side effects, they may just come true