Saturday, August 31, 2013

Money makes my world go round

Well here I am , im using my new samsung galaxy notepad. Myself being an apple person its somewhat difficult to work with this. I love it but I still need to get used to it. Ive been spending alot of money lately , hencd the samsung lol. Its money I earned and im only spending alot in the beginning and then ill stop and invest some so I have some for retirement. But ill tell you spending money is such a high for me. Its just a feeling I get that is irreplaceable. So anyways I bought alot. I also finished school shopping for the boys. And really I can do my xmas shopping now  usually I get it finished on xmas eve lol but this year I can be on the ball. Everything else in life is status quo. I really need to work on my schoolwork and commit more to it  ive slept so much the past couple of days so now ill be up for a few. Its such a crazy to live but my body clock has changed. Another goal to work on. Ill put it on my to do list. Im sure I have more than one app here on my new tablet lol.
Hugs xoxo