Monday, October 7, 2013

I only lost my glasses today!!

This day is really strange, well i guess the past two. Ive been awake for awhile, not quite sure how long, Last week i was really sick, caught something from my son and basically slept for 3 days straight. So naturally now im awake. Naturally for me that is. Besides the fact that my ADHD really interferes with a normal schedule of any kind for me, i also have a sleep/wake disorder.  Actually its called Delayed Sleep Wake Disorder and it often accompanies ADHD. Apparently its a real disability. Its just that I cant sleep when im supposed to , sleep better in early morning to afternoon, and often stay up for a day or two and make up for it by sleeping 12+ hours the next day. Its compared to living with 6 hours jet lag all the time. Nice lol. Anyway, i feel pretty good today, I really dont mind being awake alot because its when i can be productive and actually get things done. I have a to do list that is just enourmous and overwhelming to me. Even accomplishing one or two things a day for me is great. I struggle with that every day. The guilt of not being productive, its hard to deal with. Its not like i can just DO IT. It seems that should be true but its not. 
Aside from the fact of losing , i mean misplacing , my new glasses, ive been pretty focused today! lol