Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doctors suck- written by an RN!!!!- Pain rant

So I took my mom to a new pain specialist- waste of time. I swear doctors dont listen half the time. Especially as im a nurse i see how its like they all have ADD- cant focus on you for more than 5 minutes!! And i also see the way pain management is "handled" and it sucks. I swear they all look at patients with pain as "drug seeking" well- Shit yeah they are drug seeking!! They are seeking something to actually control their pain and allow them to function in life! If they acknowledge the pain, why cant they acknowledge that you are telling them if it doesnt work. Isnt the goal to make the patient comfortable- but noooo- they are the all and mighty DOCTOR
Its just really frustrating! they call you a "Doctor Shopper" if you switch up doctors, well we have the right to see any doctor we want, until we are satisfied with our treatment plan. We should be doctor shopping, not settling for anyone- they are in charge of our health care, our ability to live or die. Christ, so now its on to the next doctor- I agreed with her, b/c i went in to the appt with her, that his attitude sucked.With what he gave her, he didnt relieve her pain, I told her to try his regimen, which she is but its like now she is still in pain. It barely decreased it.
Hope we have more luck next time!!