Saturday, June 25, 2011

I feel so old sometimes! UGH

As soon as i hit my mid 30's i saw it coming around the bend, you know, - closer to 40 than 30, the end of feeling "young". that place that no one wants to go, but hey its a part of life. I mean people still mistake me for late 20's early 30's ( not just all my patients in the ICU either!!) When i say im 39 i get the "OH , you look so young" . At first i didnt like it, then i was like, hey this isnt so bad . Mostly because i still feel young, at heart and mind lol.  I still think of myself as if im in my 20's- My mind feels so young.
But as Im nearing 40 haha, my body is laughing at me. and my mind is getting pissed. Im having an internal fight over what age i really am, i swear i never felt so worn out from a days work, a really thorough cleaning or a roll in the hay (TMI) i know.
Its just scary to think that it only gets worse, i think one of the main reasons is my profession. Nursing is very psychical, you are turning, lifting, pulling, bending, all sorts of weights-( most of it dead weight at that)- no pun intended! I often wonder how long i;ll be able to do this, feeling like a truck hit you as you are trying to relax after your 2nd  12 hour shift isnt a good feeling.
I guess as long as i stay young at heart, my body will try and keep up! I hope...