Friday, November 18, 2011

Can we do it?

I often wonder who is visiting my blog. Its just strange how many different people get here and read my stuff. I love it but i wish there were more comments or followers, everyone likes to feel wanted lol.  So im still dealing with my new diagnosis of arthritis. It just sucks being so young and having a disabling illness. It is controllable but it doesnt get better. Well i guess i should add it to the list. I really need to follow up on so many things with my health. Being the only parent now, i should be making it a priority. I was always scared to find out things that were wrong with me, id rather just deal and not know but now i have to take more responsibility for my health and do the right thing. So i have to go to the dentist, get my eyes checked ( i need glasses), get bloodwork done, start exercising more, eat right, blah blah blah. Its hard to stay in good health lol
I wish i had more good things to say , i really do. I try. ive found a great website, and its all about being more positive . well its really a blog called "The missing piece" Its wonderful, and i wish i could print it all out and make a scrapbook or something out of it. I'd have the boys read it too, we all need a little optimism and learning how to be happy. I know my pessimism ( that ive had all my life) must rub off on them, shit it rubbed off from my parents to me. Im not always like that but the kids pick up on all kinds of stuff. Smart children i have lol.  i encourage everyone to check out that blog i mentioned. It may just give you a little hint of joy. Maybe i will make a scrapbook with it, since i do better with colors and patterns and flashy glittery things lol. And then i can read a piece of it all the time. Well the kids and i can together. Ill let you know how it turns out. Ill even take a picture of the finished project. With my ADHD i wouldnt count on seeing it finished too soon lol, maybe ill post a little at a time haha.