Monday, November 21, 2011

Real friends? is there really

You know what really bothers me, when you have a friend, who would prefer to tell Facebook rather than you about whatever is new in their life. I mean i understand social networking and the fun of it all. You could tell both ya know. I just wish i had someone as my friend that thought "i cant wait to tell "T" rather than, "oh i gotta post this on facebook!"
Maybe its me, maybe it just goes back to the beliefs i have, i try and get interested and involved in my friends lives, i wanna be there for them, so i believe they will be there for me. Karma thing. But it just seems no one is receptive anymore. Maybe i dont do it right! Maybe they dont know or care to know. I have no idea. Its lonely without friends, i mean the real ones too. Shoot i have a million "friends" acquaintances, etc. I mean the real deal. So hard to find, and keep happy. Maybe ill figure it out one day, maybe not.