Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bored out of my mind!!

Im bored, i mean im sure if i really tried, i have plenty to do, but ive done all i really feel like. Listening to a podcast now, first one was icu rounds, but his voice was so boring, now listening to an adhd one. More lively lol.  But im wide awake and dont know what i want to do. Ive vacuumed, dishwasher run, doing wash, straightened up, kitty litter, trash, went to starbucks lol, slept enough, now what?? Nothing is on TV, Switching up now, changing the podcast, still ADHD but a new one. Off work today, census was low, i was on call. i like to work but not when we dont have any pts. Ill take a nice warm shower soon, I really would be better off getting back on a regular schedule. up during the day, every day. Ill have to work on it, then , id be sleeping now and up when everyone else is.  Either that or switch to night shift lol. 
On another note, my fireplace is getting on my nerves, its gas, switch operated, and it wont stay on! Past day , it goes on for like 5 min and then it goes out. Maybe there is a draft somewhere but this shouldnt be happening, not with the rent i pay! So irritating. I could organize some papers, or go get the 2 days worth of mail out in the box, lol. orrr i could def go online and pay a few bills that are due, and im procrastinating on them. NOT good! Well let me go find something to do. Any ideas let me know