Friday, December 30, 2011

I gotta move mountains

So not much has gone on , day was a blur, slept late , then went out with kids, came home, cleaned , tv, kids, etc. Not really anything productive. I feel a little tired right now, but only my eyes. Not my body or mind. I put some xmas stuff away. I barely decorated this year, it was bad. So i dont have much to put away but i think im done with the holiday this year. maybe it will be better next year.
Im back, sorry i took a lil break and did a few things. Need to finish my makeup but not this minute.YOu know what i hate, the fact that im up at night and i could be doing a million things, as far as cleaning goes, but we live on a one floor. so its like i have fear of waking everyone up if i make noise in the kitchin or the bathroom etc. I wish we had a bigger place, then i wouldnt mind but lol, then id have more to clean,! so i guess you cant win. Ill just shut the doors to everyone and go. I mean no one every wakes up but i feel like im on tip toe just to clean , of all things. Ive come to realize that im ocd about cleaning. and so many things now skeeve me that never did before.  Like just stuff , that needs to be cleaned, nothing really gross, just normal things, now make me feel really yucky and i have to clean them wheras before it wasnt a huge deal. Great, im progressively getting worse, not better! And with my ADD i feel like i have to have everything in order, tho it just becomes piles and papers and folders and binders etc, get the drift?
Well i have alot to do, i had my bf's son with us this week, and hes 8. so i had 4 males and me in this place and you know, sometimes men arent as particular as I am. At least the ones here arent. So i have my hands full. Wish me luck.
Hugs T.