Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keep going, on my own!

I will say one thing about nursing,as a profession it totally gives you a real live view of life. Ive seen over the last 16 yrs ive been a nurse so many many things. Too many. Ive taken care of the sickest people and seen how quickly things can change , in the blink of an eye. So many people dont know what to expect , families, and to tell you the truth, no one knows until you have to do it. Thats why its so great when we are appreciated for our work, both physically and emotionally. The burden some of us carry, when we leave our work, is alot to handle. Ive learned to keep it at work, i have to. Its very hard but as long as you can keep it seperate, to a degree, its doable. 
anyway on the home front, its the same, i still feel very overwhelmed with all life has to give me. Its so hard being just me, in charge of everything, everyone. People dont realize it, how overwhelming it can be. Thats why its nice to stick together. ive recently met a few good people, who know, like me that its great to have good friends stay close, in good and bad times. In the short time of meeting them, they have proven to be real friends, knowing when im down, a short talk on the phone, or a meet for coffee is all , it makes the world of difference. Having someone to just vent to, and listen to is a good feeling. We just help each other, since we are going through similar things in life.
I have lots to do, bills to pay, appointments to make,= as usual. life goes on....