Friday, April 20, 2012

Well I'm not happy. I'm supposed to be in shopping bliss ugh. I'm at TJ maxx and all I had was a gift card and a check. Someone else had my visa check card. So I pay with my gift card and then they go to put my check through and their STUPID card reader won't read my check bc it's on recycled paper or something stupid. Wait aren't we supposed to be green and they should be up on this with recycled anything. Do anyway everything was all bagged up. I had yo than leave and go to the bank - luckily it was close by. And withdraw money. Now I'm back at TJ maxx and they ate re ringing everything again.
IM SO PISSED. This happened before where I needed my check card and someone else had it on them.
Lesson learned. GIVE ME MY CARD.