Saturday, November 17, 2012

really good advice

Did you ever come across one of those articles in a magazine, "Why do men cheat?". Of course you have,  I often glance at the title and think hmm i wonder what reasons there could be, and this article was giving 30 reasons or so. But i usually just keep on going, really what importance is it for me, - thinking foolishly "my man wouldnt cheat". Now im talking all kinds of cheating, not necessarily sex. The emotional cheating is just as bad, when your partners mind wanders, a little too far away from its home.  Its a matter of love, honor , respect and dignity. At any rate, i came across an article 31 reasons why men dont cheat. It was just simple but beautiful.  
For all the men out there that keep their promise of fidelity and maintain the intimacy they have with their love, the read is for you. B/c  i dont believe that all men cheat. I dont believe "once a cheater , always a cheater" . I believe anyone can change, its kind of like going on a diet, its not just the fact you cant have 10 choc chip cookies, in the next week b/c you need to get into that dress this weekend, its that you have to change your lifestyle. maintanence is the hardest part.
I still think of the saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice , shame on me. Anyway, here is a link to it if you like,
Its a good website- so there is my thought for the hour lol.
Hugs xoxo