Sunday, November 11, 2012

Relationship 101

Relationships these days are very hard to maintain. ESP if you both come from different backgrounds and both have alot of baggage. It's not always all bad it's just that you BOTH have to be willing to give here and there. If one person is down , you help pick them back up, if it is just going to take time then you pick up the slack. Not picking up the slack makes the person down feel even more down and guilty. It's relationship 101. Although I think some of us missed the boat on this one. The worst thing you can do is blame. If you see someone with signs of stress and depression who tell you they can't take much more and they are losing it it would be so disrespectful and hateful to go looking for other ways to satisfy your needs like sexting other girls online. Role playing with other sluts on webcams and being a pig. If you need to leave the relationship then do so. If you can't stand that your loved one is so down. Talk about it. But cheating just defies every rule of love. Trust honesty , security , support - they all just get thrown out the window.
I'm telling you it's very hard to keep it going. I can tell you from experience. It's supposed to be a partnership you entered with someone you love and you can't do it by yourself. Trust me I tried.