Thursday, November 8, 2012

The "b@tch is back" lol

Im back, not like i really went anywhere, but kind of a break, to look things over, people, places , things, ya know lol. So i figured alot out, some good some bad, but one thing is that im not gonna be so complacent anymore,ever since Mike died, and while he was sick i guess i kinda saw a new view of the world, like, nothing is really that important anymore, i mean after watching your best friend, father of your kids and husband suffer for 10 months just to die, everything else seemed so,.. so not important. You know pick your battles type thing,  which was true, to a degree.
I just think the complacency  made me slack. I used to be fiery, stand up for a cause, certainLy stand up for myself and not get walked all over. Ive seen that others may have mistaken  this change of heart in me  for weakness, but i think they just forgot who i was
In order to keep myself and my boys and my livelihood in a positive way, i guess i gotta really start acting like you know " the bitch i am" . Cause i am not weak, stupid, ignorant (in the right term), etc. im on my game, I never lost it, just put it to sleep for a little, but the fire has been ignited multiple times and i see this is not what im used to nor what i tolerate. Luv ya   
HUGS xoxox