Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dreaming big

Wouldnt it be cool if you could be someone else for a day or so lol. Actually if you liked it you could stay longer. Just a little swap, to check out how the other half lives. Im not sure who id pick but i could start with the Real Housewives reality series. It would be so cool to live in mansion like that. To go to all those parties, get dressed up, spend all that money, without a care in the world, besides which charity to pick this time around. Hello- charity case, right here (waving hand in air). Im not a charity case, but next to them im dirt poor.  I just would want to see if i felt any different, and for how long. Sure it would be great at first, but how long would it take to wear off. I love spending money, shopping etc. and if i had no limit, or a really high one. would it make me a happier person. Now dont go thinking, wow she sounds really superficial b/c im not. I will say that i love the nice things in life. and most of them happen to be expensive. Just saying. But i manage my money good and i live in a beautiful home, for what i can afford. If you look at overall median incomes, im considered middle=high class. LMAO. See i cant imagine making 12,000 a year. I didnt grow up rich, nor poor. middle. But i always wondered what it would be like to be really rich. I know money cant buy you happiness but it can make you happier!! Id be alot happier if i had a cook, so that i made sure the kids ate healthy every night. Id be alot happier if i had a maid, so that i didnt hurt my back cleaning around here, and then working my ass off to lift dead weight people. Id be happier if i had money to get a new car so i didnt have to worry about mine just dying.
And the thing that makes me really pissy is that it will never happen. I wont be switching lives with anyone in the near future. You can do whatever you want with your life- great message sure, but its not realistic. Why is it that a damn baseball player can make millions yet me, the little ole RN, CANT. I just save lives, clean up all kinds of shit, literally lol, make life altering decisions ,etc. I mean dont people value our work in my field?. Obviously our values are pretty distorted where they pay ball players outlandish monies for absolutely nothing, well they say, its for entertainment and our well being. We'd have no well being if we werent alive. This is where i find it hard to believe that this is it. This is all there is. What kind of bullshit is this.
I have so many different scenerios in my head of how i could live, where, in what house, what cars, etc. I dream big. It just really sucks that i go to work, leave my kids, to take care of people (yes , its my choice i know) and yet im not compensated to the degree i should be. my opinion anyway....
I guess i picked the Real Housewives because its something, i can relate to, im that age, in a place near me, . im sure i could find alot of others to switch with, i just pulled them out of my head. Sure the grass is always greener, but they can water my lawn anytime they'd like!!