Monday, September 5, 2011

Just another Day!

AHHH im drinking a nice big caramel frappachinno with 2 extra shots, from Starbucks. Picked it up on the way home from food shopping and from doing some last minute school shopping, which by the way i didnt finish lol- i have one more day shhh. I couldnt finish, the boys were driving me crazy, laughing and being loud and running around Target lol. I was trying to concentrate on my list and id had enough- so i decided we were finished and id get anything else tomorrow. We left and i couldnt help but stopping at Starbucks. It is on my way home from everywhere hahah. All the employees know me and my "regular" drink , i love it there. It feels like home.  So now i put away most of the stuff, had to take a break and watch some Basketball Wives LA and enjoy my drink. I've got all my shows lined up tonight. I know, nice life lol, Hey its what i enjoy.
So, im multitasking, which isnt all that good for you ive read but hey its what i do. Im making pasta, cleaning up, picking up, organizing, watching tv, typing and drinking! Now Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season premiere is on, one of my favorites!! Any real housewives is on that note.  So this is a busy week. Kids and school. I've got to reschedule some appointments that i skipped out on last month, etc etc. Gotta keep it going.
Boy this blog writing is turning into an all night thing lol. I started it at 8 and now its almost 11p. I've been coming and going. House looks pretty good now, ive been cleaning etc the whole time. Boy im beat...  Oh well i guess i dont have that much more to say right now, i may return.