Monday, September 26, 2011

Nursing can be emotionally draining!!

Ill do a little posting here, got called into work. Not so bad, only had to work 7 hrs vs my usual grueling 12 lol. Was a sad day tho, had a "gift of life" donor. Means someone was healthy but braindead and they were an organ donor. Its a long process, you spend every second with that patient doing work. TOns of bloodwork, tons of medications, lines put in, monitering all kinds of stuff, basically making sure every part/organ of that person is JUST right and stays that way until the "harvest" takes place. That is when the person goes to the operating room and the organs are taken, it definitely puts a different spin on organ donation. I mean you realize that they and their family are doing everything they can to help another unfortunate person live another day, yet its so barbaric. Ive seen one once, years ago. I dont even know how i can describe how i felt. I know the persons brain was dead, gone , their spirit somewhere else, somewhere good- for they were giving the ultimate sacrifice. Im not an organ donor, i know, a nurse who isnt! I just have mixed feelings, a personal choice, as we all have these choices.  So it was sad, esp because the pt was in their early 20's. such a young life to be taken.  Its just one of those things that make me question so many things in the world, and beyond. I often go there in my head. I wouldnt stay for another "harvest" , it just makes me ill inside. too sad, but i give the patient alot of praise for that decision they made beforehand, you know that little sticker on your drivers license. They may just be saving alot of lives tonight!