Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is no life,,,

Why arent things getting better? Im waiting for the sun to come out but its just pouring cats and dogs in my home.  Well my home for how much longer i cant say. Im losing everything right in front of my eyes. Now i need to get health insurance in the interim while im not working. Cobra is a joke. Its costing me 1900.00 a month to cover me and my two boys. Who has that kind of money?? In the meantime, we arent able to get any prescriptions b/c they all cost about 200.00 without insurance. This is a big joke. And they wont start it until they receive their payment. so until i get that money together im shit out of luck.. In order to get any assistance from the gov. i need to provide about 12 different forms and proof of everything and all bills. I dont even know where all these documents are! Im telling you, its a fine line between living a good life and poverty and being out in the streets, where me and the kids will be soon. The amount im getting for unemp. per month is barely enough to cover my rent. Im paying bills right before they shut me off. I cant keep doing this. It takes time to get a job, and start working and get a paycheck. I dont know what im supposed to be doing, oh right the advice of a family member, " i may need to change my lifestyle" hahahha, oh you mean no more steak and lobster or getaways to the island, lmao, i have nothing, i own nothing, im wearing clothes from i cant tell you when, i havent had a prof haircut in 5 yrs. Our staple is pasta, we go nowhere, what lifestyle???Im getting chest pain, i cant function like this. People should think before they open their big mouths, all over the place, thats how i ended up where i am, People talking about shit, talk, its talk that is going to end my kids and me in a shelter. Geez thanks so much , all my friends, not. I dont know what a friend is anymore. Ive got to go think