Sunday, September 25, 2016


Ill tell you  i really didn't need this right now. It's the same old shit, different day. Just when you think things are gonna calm down, maybe settle down, etc, havoc starts up again and it's sooooo recognizable.  It's the same as it always was. Maybe worse,So predictable, in every aspect of the situation. But you know what, the best thing for me to do right now and I'm so proud of myself for recognizing it, is to step back, far back, like miles back.  Not get involved. Do nothing. You know how they say sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. Well, that time has come, and that is rare for me. It's usually hard to bc i like to get involved in shit and help etc but nahhh i can see this fire from a mile away and the farther away i am, the less burnt i'll get. And i really don't need to be getting damaged mentally , emotionally, shit, in any way. I can see it happening and i'm putting a stop to it now. Taking control. by doing nothing. Isn't it great. I guess when and if the smoke blows over something that resembles what once was may be salvageable.  If not, what can i do. Not a damn thing. Gonna keep busy today around my room clean, paperwork, start a bullet journal, which i just discovered, oooh more crafts for me to do. I'll have fun. 
Hugs T.