Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aliens invading my body??

even tho i woke up late, well around 1pm- well to my defense i didnt fall asleep until 530am- i got alot accomplished again today!! What is going on? Did aliens invade my body? if so,, i like it. I had a doctors appt, which i kept and got there on time! then i had to go to the pharmacy , got my sons meds refilled- another point for me, we wont run out of medicine! Then i went to the bank and did some business i was over due on- and deposited some checks- 2 points for me!  Got home, vacuumed,did some random things,
We had plans to go bowling with my gf, her kids and mine- well i actually went, instead of offering an excuse as i do often, we had fun! And now my gfs daughter ( our kids are like cousins) is sleeping over! Ok that is ALOT of accomplishments for me in one day.
I started off in a pretty good mood, i mean i got snappy a few times but nothing like i have for the past 1 1/2 months. All that evil medicine is out of my body! And i restarted my Prozac- yeah for that- some normalcy should be returning shortly. I dont know exactly what happened but im feeling a lot better in the past week, i really think its because i had all that different meds in my system and the side effects were horrible- Now that im free of it all, i feel pretty good and im sure that the increase in my ADD meds is really working. Maybe , just maybe, im getting it right. I mean i actually have been reading and note taking on a few subjects i need to be looking at. My attention span hasnt been that long in awhile. Hopefully this will all cross over into the weekend and work. My day goes so much easier and faster when im on the ball. Otherwise im walking in circles trying to do 5 things at once, completing none of them. i now have faith.
Tomorrow is my sons 13th birthday. I cant believe he is getting so old. Its exciting he will be a teenager but sad in the same respect. I remember when he was just a baby, a toddler, he was so smart and cute. Makes me really sad that his dad isnt here for this. I wish God didnt take him from us when he did. He would be so proud and feel the same as me, "our baby is growing up!"
One thing that is pissing me off is something i found out from my son earlier tonight. His spanish teacher is known to be a lets say " not very nice person" , mean to the kids, snappy, etc. Now granted, my son had alot of trouble in school  last year, well with his dad dying a month before school started, he was starting a new school, middle school at that, and he wasnt diagnosed yet but had ADD. But i found out his teacher told him he had " a waste of a brain" !!!! Im really pissed. Now i dont know everything b/c sometimes kids omit things but even the slightest version of this pisses me off. Now, we suspected he had ADD, now knowing he does, i almost feel like she was making fun of someone with a disability. This doesnt sit well with me. Im gonna see how to address this!
Ok gonna go do some more stuff- look at me go!! hahah