Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I hate those nights!!!!

I hate those nights, you know the ones where you are ready to sleep, lying down, watching tv, waiting to drift off, only to wake up an hour later tossing and turning, with these legs that wont keep still. That uneasy restless feeling in your calves- Its called RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME and it SUCKS. I experience it every now and then and i take whatever i can to fall asleep, nothing works, i could take 5 valium, muscle relaxers, benedryl- all together lol,well i didnt take that combo last night but something similar - and it wont work. Sure ill drift off for about an hour if that, then im up, miserable.
Now im one for staying up all night, not a problem, but see now ive drugged myself to try and sleep past these legs and im just not feeling like opening my eyes and doing anything. Im tired but my legs arent. So finally im up 615 am and i think i slept two hours, in intervals lol. I'll be ok today but its just not fair.
Hopefully ill be cheerful today and not miserable b/c i didnt sleep. I figure ill go to starbucks early and start my day on a good frappucchino note lol.
Talk to ya later.