Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to reality!

Back from vacation, well my short stay at the Taj Mahal, casino in AC. We had fun, we had a great big room, the grande suite- for 2 days, very discounted price! It would have been really fun to have some friends there too, maybe next time. Didnt lose too much money, played my favorite slot- wheel of fortune, i had too= and then we played penny slots , i spent a whole two hours with 5 dollars lol- felt like granny off the ac bus trip.  I didnt really feel like staying but i didnt feel like leaving. It was so overpriced it wasnt funny. My normal starbucks treat was about 1.15 more in ac than here. Wow. crazy. but at least they had a starbucks in the casino!!
So, now its back to reality, back to the daily grind. Wash, wash and more wash, unpacking, etc. I mean i just picked the boys up from my BIL's and now i have to drop them off there tomorrow night for work . Rewash the clothes they just brought home. Should have left them there- The clothes i mean!  I have to take my son to therapy tomorrow, and get his meds refilled, before the Strattera leaves his system entirely (BAD MOMMY) .
So i started my wash, the boys wash, and i just started straightening up, may take awhile tho.
One thing i will say is that im starting with this strange obsession/compulsion. Well something like that. I've always been a little disorganized, alot of papers, folders, lists etc. in my area. But i have never been dirty, in fact im quite the opposite, Im always cleaning. Now when i say cleaning, i dont mean straightening up, i mean, vaccuming, down on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor, or scrubbing the toilets, i mean real hard work. But anyway, ive become so that im really skeeved by alot of other places, besides my house. Not my moms house or not work, but just different places that never bothered me before. Why all of a sudden am i really bothered by certain things. Great, another thing to add to the list of my neurosis. lol