Monday, August 8, 2011

I hate bad moods!!

I really hate being in a bad mood. The thing is, this seems to be common since i stopped, changed, restarted my medication regimen.  Im getting really tired of it tho. How long is this gonna take? Its this nagging nasty irritable feeling i have. Little things get on my nerves, like they didnt before! I have no patience, this isnt me!
One thing that is really getting on my last nerve is work. We have so many new rules, new practices, new papers every freakin day. Its like you have to turn something new in and attend all these freakin meetings every week. Well i only work weekends, its a weekend program, and its for a reason. Christ i cant do 100 things at once. Im tired of healthcare. All its become about is bowing down to the patinet and their family. Its not important that you are a damn good nurse, know your shit inside and out, help out the ones that dont know what the hell they are doing, but hey if you dont get that drink of water fast enough, even when your other patient is near death, then you are on the shit list. Its so fucked up! That pillow better be fluffed, and your maid like duties fulfilled, or you are  getting called in. You know why, b/c the stupid patient satisfaction survey is what pays the hospital. How screwed up is that. It has become about letting pts families dictate their care. If they think they need something , hey its done! Im sick of kissing ass, explaining things to them that they will NEVER in a million years understand, look let me do my job, dont they get, the more they bug me, the less ill be going in that room to see their loved one. Sorry but thats what its come to. They think the sqeaky wheel gets the grease but really they get the shit end of it. HAHAH. joke is on them.  15 yrs and i feel burnt out. maybe its working in the ICU , maybe its me, maybe its life, but emotionally im fried. If i could just go in, do my job uninterrupted, id be fine. If i wanted a job where i had to deal with customer satisfaction , id choose salesperson, id like my patient satisfaction equal to , the patient lives .
Anyway, i have to go write a nasty letter to a stupid lawyer who screwed me over. haha.