Friday, August 26, 2011

Well this should be interesting...

Of course, i swear every natural disaster, major noreaster, hurricaine etc happens on a weekend. THat may be great for most of you "normal 9-5ers" but not for the weekend warriors- those of us that work in jobs that NEVER close and you cant just call out when there is a natural disaster or a state of emergency, you have to be there, smile and all ready to save the world. RN"s, ems, doctors,fire, etc. It sucks. So it really really irritates me when i see that Hurricane Irene is going to be the worst when ill be supposedly leaving work, only to have to return within the next 12 hours. BLAHHHH.
I never really worry, i gotta do what i gotta do. Its been part of my job and life for the past 15yrs. It can be exciting at times, but life threatening at others lol. I guess part of my ADD is the part that  enjoys it the most- how sick is that!  Me and my altima have made it through many a bad circumstances over the past years. It really sucks for those people at the beach who have to leave vacation early, i guess its not really interrupting my crazy life too much! Casinos are closing, public transportation is closing, bridges, highways, etc, but not MY HOSPITAL lol. Oh well, life goes on, someone has to take care of those sick people in my critical care unit, the ones that are so unaffected by Irene, the ones that just want to stay alive to even see a hurricane.
This is my job and as usual ill do it..