Friday, August 19, 2011

Not feeling too well...

Sick, not feeling good, tired, no energy, lethargy, pain, crappy, hmm what else? I guess those words sum it up to a degree. drinking an oj now-need my vit c! Im so miserable when im sick. I try to suck it up and i think i do pretty well, i just have the energy of a slug/snail lol. Anyway, on top of it all, i dont have one of my adhd meds. I can get it filled tomorrow but i work twelve hours and my employee pharmacy is at the other hospital and only open till 12. I dont know if i could swing it or not. hmm maybe. hehe. So i dont even have my regular meds on board. double whammy.  I did clean up the house a bit. its better than it was. i need a shower but cant imagine standing in the shower and then blow drying my hair etc. That requires a lot of work esp for me cause i have really long hair.
Another funny (not) thing is that i take this medicine and its original use was for influenza but you know over the years it has acquired alot of off label uses. So i been taking it for a couple years. Never did it have any warnings on it. In fact it really has no side effects. Well i just got it refilled and wouldnt you know there was a warning sticker on it. it said "may cause blurred vision" wtf , ive had blurred vision and often and thought something was wrong with me. Granted i never went to the eye doc yet but christ, why now is there a warning on it and NEVER before. what did they just figure this out. ugh. sometimes med side effects , im not so sure they are worth the action of the med. its a hard decision to make. Like i was on an antidepressant and i thought it had stopped working. So i talked to my shrink and he tried me on a few different meds over a couple months. WELL the side effects of them all were horrible. So i decided after all that, i wanted to go back on my old one. He said ok. i guess the grass isnt always greener.  live and learn, thats what i say. But i have been a little down, tuesday was my deceased husbands birthday. He died 11 months ago. and it is really sad. Usually when i get sad about him, it lasts about a week and then i go back to my regular missing him but not so profoundly. So, thats about it in a nutshell.
Hope you all are having a better day!!!