Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ultimate Betrayal

I feel so stupid, once again ive been betrayed and i feel like i led to horse to water. A very close family member has done this before but ive forgiven and started to trust again, i mean i give this person whatever they ask for basically. So why steal it? I guess its because they wanted it and it was easier to take it while i was sleeping, i mean my pocketbook was right next to me as i slept. It was so easy, easier than asking and getting a sermon about it, right? sure but now the trust is totally destroyed, im so hurt, besides angry. This has left me now short of what i need, im the one who is really suffering. and what can i do, cant get it back, its gone. Was i really that stupid to leave things out in the open like that, i dont think so, but i guess i should have known better. I mean, if you cant trust family, who can you trust. I did confront this person and got a halfway admittance. Who cares its done. Im just pissed that im the one suffering now, i dont have what I NEED. I feel some hate,, but i dont want to hate, im trying not to.
Ive just had so many shitty things go on in the past year, and so many people betray me, people that were supposed to love and take care of me. Am i that easy of a target. I dont know how to act different than i do. Im just so tired of it all, tired of trying, trusting, giving, helping, etc.No more. i have such a headache right now. Thanks for hearing me vent.!