Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I need some ME- time!!!

I really need to stop feeling guilty, i dont know why i am , i really dont have a reason. I was just reading an article about how women need to take care of themselves first . HAHA. I do need to do that. Women these days and I have to juggle work, keeping a home, raising children and having relationships. Its alot for one person to handle and oh wait, i have to take time and take care of me first. Not so easy. But as the article says if you take care of mommy, then you have so much more to give. And i believe it to be true.  Its not as if i dont do anything for myself but i rarely ask for help, i gotta do it all(according to me) then i  get frazzled that i have so much to do, and my ADD kicks in as i try to do it all at once. Then i get pissy and its not good. I bookmarked the article- i should actually print it out and stick it on the bathroom mirror. LOL,
You know i have to get it going for school starting next week. So ill have to flip my attitude quickly. So i guess i should start doing for me and making some things in my life easier. With all that we, I , women have to juggle - its no doubt we feel guilty that someone or something isnt getting our full attention. How can i do that if my mind is spinning trying to do it all- meanwhile getting projects half done and starting a new one. Multitasking , i thought it was great but i read something once about it and its not so great, as you really cant give your all to one thing. I am proud of myself for taking care of my kids alone now, i mean i have a great job, a car, food, a great apartment, health, and im somehow managing it all pretty well i guess. I really need to stop being so hard on myself. but its all i know, ive always been hard on me. It made me who i am. And i do like who i am!!