Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another weekend

Well its Friday night, that means another work weekend has arrived, my 2 12hr shifts. I know it doesnt seem like much work to people, but it is some hard laborious work. On my feet all day, walking , then its pulling 200-300 dead weight and all the various equipment attached to them.  Not that i need a man to do my job but we all are little girls in my ICU, small, strong- but little . It takes a toll on you after what- 15yrs so far. My back has had it. I get home from work and im done! Calling the heating pad and the bath. So by Monday im so exhausted- now add on to that my (psych/med ) issues at the moment.
Im in the middle of switching up meds, need a mood stabilizer and my add meds arent fine tuned at the moment. Could it get worse lol. probably.
Sometimes i could care less what i look like at work, scrubs, clogs, etc but i think when i feel pretty- like my hair /makeup looks good and i have pink scrubs on- instead of hospital blue- i seem to work a lil better. I need to remember that at 530am lol
Ive been doing wash since last night- where did it all come from? I have so much mail, paperwork to file, to get finished, to start. Im such a procrastinator (add) . I'll tell you, i bought 5 good books a couple months ago and i cant read anymore. I start and i lose focus, i used to be such an avid reader. I really need to get this med thing settled.
ta ta for now.
Luv T.