Friday, July 22, 2011

Scared now to try

Now that i have my new med regime, im scared to try the one lol. Im never scared of meds, - ok well in that little blip of time, i took it (FYI). I have taken 100 different medicines i think ( being dramatic) and none of them were HORRIBLE- well maybe one or two. but overall just either they didnt work or were annoying with side effects. i just hate the unknown. Like everything ive read says this one causes drowsiness, people cant get out of bed when starting it, now thats not everyone but majority. My doc- and hes a smart guy, in fact hes a (i forget the word) a shrink that specializes in medicines, so he knows his shit. Anyhow, he told me it may be , what word did he use? uplifting? i think that was it. Now does tiredness equate to uplifting in any manner? Not in my dictionary. But also, it takes alot of something to really give me a side effect anymore. I remember he gave me a med a few months ago and was like, "yes this will definitely make you sleep" . I took it and didnt feel a thing. I've just become immune to alot , including my latte. For as much as i drink i should be buzzing around - nope. i can drink it all day and fall asleep.  So i guess i took it about half hour ago, maybe less, but so far, nothing. LOL, i laugh at it!! I better stop that hehe.
So from what ive read, this med will either "be the best thing that happened to me!" or "make me feel anxious, irritable and nasty" HMM which one will it be? LOL.