Friday, July 8, 2011

Back from the beach

Well I did mention stuff to my shrink and he changed some of my meds- a week later and i feel horrible. I dragged my ass to the shore (yearly thing with the kids, parents, step sis). I never really want to go (multitude of reasons) but i always end up doing it for a few days = for the kids. This year was really bad for me tho. I think it was the switching of my meds, i've never been so tired in all my life. I slept 75% of the time there. I went to bed EARLY. That in itself is bad- didnt arise till 2p. Totally ditched the beach thing. boardwalk one night, and sleep  sleep sleep. It was quite depressing,
Its strange too, being home has made me feel a little better, i was seriously going through major LATTE withdrawl. And to top it off Tassimo didnt make its delivery while i was gone so i get home and had to go back out to get my latte!! Im on cup number 2. Waking up with a headache everyday just sucks.
Doc appt tomorrow, i'll clear some stuff up! back to normal before no time!!