Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Im awake!!

Well i finally woke up, kinda, and its Tuesday evening. I was pretty much awake, thursday night to sunday night and worked 24 of those hours. I think im doing fine, know i shouldnt be up that long and then CRASH. Asleep, for a day, at least i was on the couch. So im waking up now, and the cycle begins again. I saw the phone ring yesterday and it was my shrink returning my call about how my meds arent right. I was so tired i couldnt even answer the phone. So, i'll just continue to take the new AD until we speak.
Did i tell you i've been sleeping on the couch since December, i dont know why. I used to love my bed! I know it all started when i couldnt get up in the morning to take the kids to school and they missed a bit. So, i started either staying up all night so i'd be up in the morning( silly i know) but it worked!! Then i'd sleep while they were at school and the cycle would repeat night after night. The couch happens to be really comfy, so i made it my bed. I can sleep there and feel like im not away from the family, in my room secluded, its strange. This is definately contributing to my backwards schedule. Its not doing me any good.
Well i broke down and bought myself a new pillow from BBB online of course , the best way to shop. And a new pillowtop mattress pad, very nice, very high thread count etc etc. $$$. So the plan is to put it all on the bed tonight, get it nice and cozy, take my bedtime meds- which i have seemed to give up on, why i dont know. And go to bed, well it will have to be late b/c i just woke up and all. BUt im gonna try. I cant do this anymore. I've got to get my schedule right.
and im kinda pissy b/c my dryer broke this weekend. Its fixed now but when i told the office ( i live in "luxury" apartments- could be way more luxurious if you ask me but i guess its the best around right now! Anyway, i mentioned the toilet seat in the boys bathroom was broken and i needed a new one. Well the dryer is fixed but no new toilet seat. wtf. thats why i pay ALL THIS MONEY to live here. So, i dont have to do this shit. And they advertise 24hr maintenance , well why did it take more than 24hrs for them to come look at the dryer ?  And you know how i mentioned all the shit i had to look through, file, do, with paperwork etc. I still didnt do it. I hate it when i procrastinate, i always end up getting shit on.
thanks for the comments, it made my day!!