Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lets try the shopping!!

Well, last night into today wasnt great, but it was better than the days before. Im still down and yuck, i have a big pimple on my chin, pimples make me feel so ugly and gross. Just what i need right now. The more i try to cover it up, the worse it looks.
So i figured id write this post while im holding the ice cube wrapped in a napkin onto the huge monstrosity on my face. I do find that when i stay in my home all day, i get more depressed. The window is open, blinds open, daylight is showing, but i feel like a hermit. So im going to have to do something about it.
I know i said that even shopping isnt doing it for me, well that is just not right!!! What was i thinking, i love to shop. Shopping just makes me happy, whether it be the 100th pack of pencils with strawberries and balloons on them(kid in me) or cleaning supplies or anything, I just love to shop. So, im taking it on, head on.
I'll bring my 10yr old with me, after all , he tells me "Target has video games" as if.... I'll stop and get a caramel cappuccino- cold, and then head off to Targetland.  I did end up taking my Pristiq today. I didnt want to but until i have an alternative or something to add to it, im not going to give up , YET. Im already sweating , nasty side effect of it!
So, ill let you know how it goes,